Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Nowadays, contract manufacturing offers more and more dynamic business opportunities for our partners. We are available with first-class, responsible and skilled workers for any of your production phases, or even just at the level of idea generation for manufacturing. If you want cost-effective and time-saving solution, the contract manufacturing is the right choice for you and your company.

Energy Power ltd. will help in the complete contract manufacturing and packaging of all raw- and auxiliary materials, spare parts, and accessories from the beginning to the finished product. If you only need to carry out certain phases of production, be it packaging or labeling, we are also at your disposal. We deal with the procurement of raw / packaging materials, or the administration of the product notification. We manufacture your products that already have existing product base and permissions; we will also help in the full administration of any expertise advice. Our services also include the production of unlicensed, but well-defined composition products as well, even at only idea or notion level.

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