Human Recruitment

Human Recruitment

We’re here to assist you. How? To save time, money and effort to your company. You just have to sit back and relax like at a movie theater, we take care of everything. However, lets not run too forward, happy end is usually at the end of a good movie too.

Let’s start at the beginning, the main actors. There are you and Your Company (Employer) and the labor force (Employee). In this “movie” our company is only a sub actor; its Hungarian voice is Energy Power ltd.

Energy Power ltd specialises in providing human resources to our partners. In practice, we act as the link and form it the way it is the most optimal for you. After a thorough orientation we seek out the person who suits you and your vacant job the best.

Our main goal is to find the person who, in addition to perfectly performing all the tasks and fully meeting expectations, also gives his heart and soul to the work. It is very important that the new employee fits into the company culture, because then it will be possible to operate in the most efficient way to complete your company’s daily tasks.


The base and one of the main elements of the recruitment process is the complete mapping of potential needs: the clarification, multiple reflections, drafting and detailing of the vacant position. Once we know to what position we are seeking workforce, then follows the recognition of the requirements, the required skills, abilities and other emerging needs and expectations towards the new employee. A very careful and detailed work is carried out early in the process, so that we can ensure that the selected employee will be the most appropriate for you.

Once the above is done, the actual recruitment and selection of the candidates follows. In the first round, we start our search by looking at our database, as well as in all other possible channels (online job search portals, databases, advertising spaces etc) In some cases, we also use direct requests (head hunting) One goal is in our minds: finding the right employee for you.

We collect all the applicants and potential candidates, of whom we can filter and select the final candidate through our recruitment process. Day and night, CVs and cover letters are analyzed, interviews are organized and managed continuously, and according to individual needs various tests on the candidate can be performed as well. We are prepared for requests for psychological tests, assessment, and development centers. It is very important for us to prepare characterisations, because that is what we complete CVs with and forward to you. Together, we will discuss where we stand now, what we think of the suitability of the candidates, and then follows the second round of interviews. As you can see, we act very precisely and carefully during the process of recruitment, which also incorporates receiving feedback from you on the performance and successful integration of the selected candidate.

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