Rules of interviews

The unwritten rules of interviews

You do not want to fail at the last moment? Maybe you are over with a few disappointing job interviews? In the following, we provide an insight – with the help of an HR expert on the subject – into what to be aware of, pay attention to, and what to avoid in order to land your dream job.

“When I was a job seeker myself, I was constantly chewing my nails in anxiety to not to ruin anything when it came to the interview – immediately began the HR professional, concealing the name. How to behave, what to wear, what they will think of me… If I could, I even looked up the person (nowadays it is much easier with the help of the internet), who was at the interview waiting for me, just so I can introduce myself in a way it might be sympathetic to the person. It was a mistake! The first and most important thing I learned, do not show yourself other than what you are. Even if you can give a credible act (most of the time it will seem artificial), later your true personality will reveal itself. So, naturalness! Huge cliche, but it is important to give yourself and success will follow. After revealing some of the key pillars of job interviews, I will share some non-negligible rules to watch out for, otherwise we can slip on that so called banana peel. ”

The unwritten rules of job interviews

  1. Never be late for the interview! Rather get there a little early (of course not an hour early), so let us say 10 minutes. If you are inaccurate, employers infer to unreliability and unpredictability
  2. It is very important to dress accordingly! Proven fact that the sophisticated, attractive jobseekers can quickly create a positive impression on the prospective employer.
  3. Neatness! The clean, sophisticated hair, manicured nails are essential. It is also important that you do not give us perfume overdose. Oral hygiene is important, but never chew gum. Later about dressing!
  4. No matter how anxious we are, we need to try to stay relaxed. Of course, do not decide to down a shot beforehands (never drink alcohol before the hearing), and also try not to overdo it.
  5. A strong introduction is half the battle! A not too loose and a not too strong handshake boundary must be found. In addition, a sincere smile can work wonders, relieve tension, and make a good impression.
  6. Be able to sit down! You need to watch how to sit down. Man sitting awkwardly at the edge of the chair suggests timidity, indecision and uncertainty. It creates doubts in the other person: how this person will stand its base in stressful situations? On the other hand, sprawling can suggest excessive confidence and might give the impression of pomposity.  Yet again: naturalness.
  7. Remember the interviewer’s name after introduction!
  8. Do not dress flamboyantly! Try to select such clothes to wear which are not too exaggerating – be modest! Avoid short skirts for women, too much cleavage, transparent blouses, shirts, sporty looks not suitable for the job. A suit may be appealing, of course, not a garish colored one. Women have greater freedom in the selection of shoes than men, but they should avoid too flat or too high heeled shoes. As far as men are concerned, it is important to look elegant and cultured. Preferably in a suit, with matching shirt and tie and appropriate shoes. Dirty shoes, dark pants with white socks are forbidden!
  9. Have your identity card, a CV, some kind of notebook and a pen with you
  10. Make sure to turn off your mobile 10 minutes prior to the interview!

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