Temporary Staffing



Temporary staffing is an option that provides many advantages. Employee training takes longer? Perhaps due to illness or maternity leave resources are not available? The loss of manpower can easily be replaced, without increasing costs, no need to deal with the nerve-racking administrative problems, we’ll take care of everything you have in place.

Temporary Staffing is also a great opportunity if you are in need of a new employee, but can not or will not be able to hire permanent employees. Or if urgent work is demanded, perhaps unexpectedly large orders have fallen to you. If your business has seasonal activities (tourism, holidays), this solution is ready for the main prize, because the increased demand for labor can be replaced quickly and efficiently in the period required.

Temporary staffing is also excellent for those who want to try before the final employment of the workforce (Try and Hire), but it will also help if you just want to reduce the time of recruitment and selection.


Our company will map the customer’s workforce management, demand, employee requirements, job skills required and other expectations.
After the mapping process begins the recruitment process, during which we find the most suitable candidates from our database (or through other channels), or even a bounty hunter through direct request.

You do not have to waste time and energy with the seletion process as our company can do all this for you. We analyze the resumes, cover letters, organize and arrange interviews, and also characterize the candidates.

We take care of the selected candidate’s entry process (sign the contract of employment) and other administrative burdens in such a way that the working hours, schedule and job duties of the new employees can be fully controlled by you.

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